Peace of mind is what you buy when you purchase Insurance. Peace of mind that claims will be settled promptly and fairly, only then do you know how good your insurance is. In the event that you have to make a claim, you can be confident that Dobson and Hodge Ltd will be there to support you, whether it is a minor road traffic accident, an extensive flood in your home, the legalities of an employee injured at work or a devastating fire in your premises. We appreciate that claims can be stressful so D&H will be there to help you negotiate with representatives from the insurance company, loss adjusters and third party claimant’s.

Our aim is to make sure that valid and fair claims are settled as quickly as possible and our customers’ get what they are entitled to. We will assist with aspects of the claim which your insurer is not responsible for, such as recovering excesses where it is not your fault. When you have a claim we will explain what will happen next and what you need to do. We do not expect you to be an insurance expert and so we will guide you through everything that is needed to achieve a prompt, satisfactory settlement of your claim.

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